Jesus is attractive. He is full of love, mercy, and compassion. He proposes to be our Friend, to walk with us through all the rough pathways of life. He says to us, I am the Lord thy God; walk with Me, and I will fill thy path with light. Jesus the Majesty of heaven, proposes to elevate to companionship with Himself those who come to Him with their burdens, their weaknesses, and their cares. He will count them as His children, and finally give them the inheritance of more value than the empires of kings, a crown of glory richer than has ever decked the brow of the most exalted earthly monarch. Participate in the journey of finding your personal Savior Jesus Christ and discover the signs of His Second Coming.



Love. Hope. Peace.



5 Good Reasons

5 Good Reasons: Bible Prophecy and You

Bible Prophecy and You. Answering Questions. Bringing Peace. Providing Hope. Giving Purpose. Pastor David Asscherick of Light Bearers teaches with enthusiasm and grace. God is love. Power packed historical studies that will SHIFT your world view as you discover God’s great plan and details of His soon return. Learn the 5 Good Reasons Bible Prophecy and You: To Believe the Bible, Not to be Religious, To Believe God Exists, To Believe God is Good, To Doubt Darwin, To the Question of Suffering, To Believe the Bible Prophecies, To Believe These are the Last Days, To be Nervous About the Church, Not to be Afraid of Death and To Be Nervous About the United States.



Reimagining God

Reimagining God

God. Like you have never imagined Him before. The very word evokes the best and worst of feelings. God is love. What kind of God do you believe in? Or maybe you don’t believe, which begs the question, “What kind of God do you not believe in?” Pastor Ty Gibson of Light Bearers paints an astonishingly desirable picture of God that you may find irresistible. Study topics in Reimagining God: Irresistible Beauty, Through Tears, Pre-Creation, Alluring Love, Seeing God, Seeing Me, Infinite Intimacy, Whoever Lives in Love, Navigating Evil, Letter vs. Spirit, Sundering and a Lingering Fragrance. Be transformed. Reimagine the God of love.



Covenant Kingdom

Covenant Kingdom: Study of Daniel and Revelation

Explore the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation with a focus on the Covenant Kingdom of Christ with Ty Gibson, David Asscherick, Fred Bischoff, James Rafferty and Jeffery Rosario of Light Bearers. Covenant Kingdom, Study of Daniel and Revelation: Watch the Throne, Power Corrupts, The Power of One, Coercive Kingdoms, Rage Against the Covenant, The Rightful King, Glory to the Slain Lamb, A Clash of Systems, The Kingdom of Grace, The Movement of Destiny, Dragon vs. Lamb, The Sword vs the Cross, The Everlasting Covenant, The Golden Rue, Drunk with Power, The Implosion of Power, King of Kings, Transparent Kingdom, and City of Eternal Peace.



A New World Coming

A New World Coming

Jesus Christ is returning to planet earth. Be ready to welcome Him as your personal Lord and Savior. Pastors Ty Gibson and David Asscherick of Light Bearers open the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation to present the historical biblical world view. There is no reason to fear. God is love. God is in control and He has provided world history in advance. A New World Coming: World History in Advance, Teetering on the Edge, Coercive Kingdoms, Grand Masquerade, Kingdom Like No Other, Power Behind the Scenes, Center Stage: Rightful King, Unlikely Victory, Eat the Little Book, War of All Wars, Two Beasts, Three Angels’ Messages, Fall of Babylon, Faith of Jesus and Last Battle.



Table Talk

Table Talk: The Big Picture Series

Powerful, insightful discussions about things that matter most. Pastors Ty Gibson, David Asscherick, James Rafferty and Jeffrey Rosario of Light go deep into heart conversation, discussing the provocative and the sublime. God is love. Table Talk The Big Picture Series:  What is the Bible About?, What and Who is God?, God’s Purpose in Creation, The Fall, Players and Stakes, Love Freedom, Risk, Cosmic War, Covenant of Peace, Covenant History, the Faithfulness of God, the Incarnation, the Cross and the Restoration of All Things.

Table Talk – Righteousness by Faith

Table Talk: Righteousness by Faith

Jesus is attractive. Pastors Ty Gibson, James Rafferty, Jeffrey Rosario and David Asscherick of Light Bearers present God’s great plan of redemption, the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. Table Talk: Righteousness by Faith: Only Two Religions, Get Out, Abraham Believed, Wounded, There is None Righteous, The Righteousness of God, One Righteous Man, Jesus of the Gospels, Christ Event, Righteous Before the Fact, New Covenant and Faith that Works by Love.



Table Talk- The Hard Questions

Table Talk: The Hard Question Series

Ever hear or have difficult, hard and challenging questions about the Bible and the Christian faith? If God is love, why so much suffering? Can those who have never heard of Jesus be saved? Why is there so much killing in the Old Testament? Pastors Ty Gibson, David Asscherick, James Rafferty and Jeffrey Rosario dig into the Scriptures to answer these tough questions. Table Talk: The Hard Question Series: Does God Exist?, Is the Bible Really the Word of God?, If God is Love, Why is There so Much Suffering?, If God is in Control, Are We Really Free?, Can Those Who Have Never Heard the Name of Jesus be Saved?, Do We Need God in Order to be Moral?, If God is Forgiving, Why Did Jesus Have to Die?, Why Does God Have So Many Rules?, Why is There So Much Killing in the Old Testament?, Did We Evolve From Lower Life Forms?, Will God Really Burn People Forever in Hell? If We’re Saved by Grace, Why Are We Judged by Our Works?